Quran Karim with Tafsir, Translation and Audio

*Viewing scanned (soft) copy of real printed Mosshaf

*6 tafsir (Muyasser, Saadi, Ibn Kathir, Kortobi, Tabari and Baghawi)

*Listen to the Quran with many reciters.

Mahmoud Khalil Al-Hussary, Ali Alhuthaifi , ,Abdulrahman Alsudaes ,Saud Al-Shuraim ,Maher Al Meaqli ,Saad Al-Ghamdi ,Slaah Bukhatir ,Salah Albudair ,Mohammed Jibreel ,Abu Bakr Al Shatri ,Ahmad Al-Ajmy ,Mishary Alafasi ,Abdullah Basfer ,Abdulbasit Abdulsamad ,Mohammed Siddiq Al-Minshawi ,Mohammed Ayyub ,Mahmood Al rifai ,Abdullah Al-Johany ,Mohammad Al-Tablaway ,Abdulbasit Abdulsamad ,Abdullah Al-Mattrod ,Ahmad Nauina ,Ibrahim Al-Akdar ,Karim Mansoori ,Khaled Al-Qahtani ,Khalifa Altunaiji ,Mahmoud Ali Albanna ,Abdulmohsen Al-Qasim ,Nasser Alqatami ,Yasser Al-Dosari ,Mohammad Abdullkarem

Warch : Abdulbasit Abdulsamad ,Ibrahim Aldosari ,Yassine Algérie

*Audio translation with english, urdu, and Azerbaijani

*Listen to Tafsir Al Muyasser (Audio)

*Translation with many languages

*I3rab Quran of Kassem Hamid Doaas

*Possibility to repeat the Ayah or The Surah many times

*You can navigate between Surahs, Hizb, Juzz' and/or pages very quickly

*You can search in the Quran text, and display results, and jump to the desired ayah quickly.

*In the landscape position, you can see the Tafsir/translation in the opposite page, so you can see the quran, listen to tafsir muyasser for example and read it in the same time, it will be very easy for you to undersand it.

*The interface of our app exists with many languages

*You can add Bookmarks for your ayahs and/or pages.

*You can write a note for your desired ayah

*For the ipad you can manage the volume of the app.

*Thank God Almighty to accomplish this application.

*Special thanks to King Fahd Complex for the Printing of the Holy Qur'an (source of Quran images files) , Tanzil.net (source of Quran text and translations) , quran.ksu.edu.sa (source of Tafasir (explanations)) and Verse by Verse Quran (source of recitations audio files).